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Tuba Mouthpieces

 Miraphone - Laskey - Arnold Jacobs - Yamaha Signature

Faxx - Helleberg - Closeout

- Pouches



Miraphone Tuba Mouthpieces

This is a classic line of popular tuba mouthpieces from one of the premier tuba makers.  Made in Waldkraiburg, Germany.

$125 each in silver plate unless marked otherwise


Cup Size

Cup Depth (mm)

Bore (mm)

Cup Diameter (mm)

Additional Comments

Included with these instruments



36.4 7.0 29.5 contrabass trombone 670 BBb
670 CC

Very Deep

42.7 8.2 31.0   180 F


40.0 7.6 31.5    


44.5 8.2 31.7    


34.4 7.0 32.0 Helleberg  


36.4 7.5 32.0 Winston Morris, excellent for high range playing and works very well on the Yamaha 822 F tuba  


37.9 7.5 31.5   184 BBb
282 BBb


41.0 8.0 31.5   283 Eb
1272 BBb
TU18 Very Deep 41.0 8.0 32.0    


44.9 8.2 32.0    


41.1 8.0 32.1 C3, popular LA size, a little narrower and deeper than the TU23, easy to control 383 Eb
184 CC
185 CC
186 CC


36.9 7.5 32.5 C4, popular LA size, a little wider and shallower than the TU21, good bark 188 CC
281 F
1300 BBb

Very Deep

45.7 8.2 32.7 C9, Rose Orchestral  


41.0 8.2 32.9 High Grade Stainless Steel
$300 - by special order
1292 CC
1293 CC


37.9 8.2 33.0 C10, Rose Solo 181 F
381 F
1281 F
M7000 Eb
TU28 Shallow 37.9 8.2 32.9    

Very Deep

44.1 8.2 33.0   186 BBb


42.3 8.3 33.0 C6, Helleberg 187 BBb
291 CC
1291 CC

Very Deep

44.9 8.4 33.5 9M 190 CC
191 BBb
289 BBb
1291 BBb
M9000 BBb
TU38 Very Deep 45.8 8.6 32.0 Theinert Solo in silver plate  

Very Deep

45.8 8.6 32.0 Theinert Solo in gold plate
$300 - by special order

Very Deep

45.0 9.0 33.0 Theinert Orchestra in gold plate
$300 - by special order

Very Deep

45.0 9.0 33.0 Theinert Orchestra in silver plate 98B BBb


Scott Laskey Tuba Mouthpieces

Scott Laskey is a master mouthpiece maker located near Chicago.  For many years he made mouthpieces for Schilke.  His own tuba mouthpieces are improved versions of vintage designs, and his accuracy and finish work are the best in the business.  Laskey offers two cup diameters and five cup shapes.  Most are available in the standard American shank style or the larger European size shank.

Tuba cup sizes:

B--A deeper bowl than the G. Has a wonderful bottom sound

H (Helleberg)--Relatively straight sides that blend into a concave funnel as it enters the throat.

G (Geib)--Produces a more brilliant sound than the H and works well on rotary valve tubas

F--Like the Helleberg cup in shape but approximately 1/3 more shallow

C--A moderately shallow bowl cup that is ideal for solo performances on Eb and F tubas.


Laskey tuba mouthpieces cost $135 each in silver plate

Shank sizes available:

Model Rim Throat Description American European
28B 1.280" .316" O Bowl shaped cup, deeper than G cup -- Y
28C 1.280" .295" M Shallow bowl style cup for solos Y Y
28F 1.280" .312" (5/16") Shallower Helleberg style cup Y --
28G 1.280" .316" O Geib style cup Y Y
28H 1.280" .316" O Helleberg style with same OD as 30 series but with smaller ID Y Y
30B 1.295" .323" P Bowl shaped cup, deeper than G cup Y Y
30C 1.295" .295" M Shallow bowl style cup for solos Y --
30F 1.295" .312" (5/16") Shallower Helleberg style cup Y Y
30G 1.295" .323" P Geib style semi-bowl cup Y Y
30H 1.295" .323" P Large Helleberg style mouthpiece Y Y

Testing of the Laskey tuba mouthpieces

Though the Laskey line of mouthpieces is a simple selection with 2 rims and 5 cup shapes, we thought some play testing would help you narrow down the selection a bit.  Here are our results trying most every mouthpiece on some of the popular horns we have here.  All the horns fit the American style shank except for the Kanstul Grand CC.

If you look carefully, you'll see some trends.  The shallow C cup works best on smaller tubas.  Big tubas respond very well with the funnel shaped Helleberg cup, many medium sized horns also work well with the more bowl shaped Geib cup.  (The Yamaha Roger Bobo Symphonic seems to be a similar Geib style and size, and is worth comparing for those horns as well.)  If you just want a really big mouthpiece for a really big horn, the 30B will suit you well.  The F cup, funnel shaped like the Helleberg but shallower, gives some clarity and more nimble feel to a larger horn.

* = our favorites

Gronitz PF125 5/4 piston F tuba
28H - louder volume, deep tone
28F - lively, centered, good body, our favorite*
28G - round, somewhat unfocused
28C - barky, punchy, very articulate
30C - too shallow, uncentered
30F - mellow tone
30G - our favorite of the larger diameter*

Miraphone 186 4/4 rotary CC tuba
28H - bubbly slurs, less flow
28F - more centered but low range is more difficult
28G - big sound, our favorite*
28C - edgy and nimble
30F - balanced tone, our favorite of the 30 series*
30G - good for a strong player, big tone, needs some air behind it
30C - brittle sound, sousaphone style
30B - classic big bowl, deep warm sound

Meinl Weston Thor 5/4 piston CC tuba
28H - good matching to a larger horn, efficient but lets you fill it up, our
28F - light and soloistic feel for a big horn
28G - less focused but good
28C - too shallow
30B - big mouthpiece, deeper sound
30F - feels resistant, too shallow for a larger tuba
30G - good center, our favorite*
30C - too shallow, not good

Kanstul 90 4/4 piston CC tuba
28H - good match, big classic sound, our favorite*
28G - less centered, easy to play
28F - clear but thinner tone, less depth
28C - too shallow, a lot of edge
30F - resistant
30G - a bit of resistance in the low range, but has a good pop and center, is
louder than 28H, plays with little effort, full tone, nice*
30C - thin and edgy
30B - big sound, for a strong player who wants a large mouthpiece

Miraphone 1281 Petruschka piston F tuba
28C - great soloistic sound, very efficient, our favorite*
28F - sluggish, less focused
28G - well rounded sound, broad tone


Arnold Jacobs Tuba Mouthpieces

Arnold Jacobs, legendary musician and teacher, was famous for his sound. This possessed a vibrant core, great intensity and sonority, unsurpassed tonal beauty and unlimited dynamic range. His mouthpiece was unique; refined to a high point of sophistication and efficiency. Surely the most sophisticated tuba mouthpiece ever; elegant in design, live and responsive.  The Arnold Jacobs Heritage offers a unique sound, dark in character.  The core is clearly defined yet strong and broad.  Response is even and flows over a broad compass, the low register is highly efficient and the high range has great stability.

Designed and marketed by the Canadian Brass.

Narrow rim with clearly defined inner edge, wide inside diameter of 32.7 mm.

Deep pear-shaped cup, large throat of 8.5 mm, graduated backbore, fully tapered shank.


Now available in several other sizes, info coming soon:  MB-50, MB-83, MB-88

Silver plate $115

Gold plate $175

Yamaha Replica Tuba Mouthpieces

Yamaha Signature Series Replica mouthpieces are models originally custom made for some of the world's top musicians, embodying the wisdom and expertise of these great artists. They are all produced on precision computer-controlled lathes, guaranteeing that each mouthpiece plays exactly the same as the one used by its namesake. These mouthpieces have a silver-plate finish and all are based upon the experience of the masters.

BY SPECIAL ORDER - Signature Series models available with a gold-plated rim, inner cup, and backbore (pictured above). Call for price. 

Roger Bobo Symphonic Yamaha version of the Schilke 69C4, slightly larger backbore and rounder rim. Feels bigger than the 69C4, and somewhat less stable and secure up high, but the low range is more open for very low notes, low F, pedal C, etc. Feels brighter than the 69C4, like it's more open and I can blow through it more. Works well on some F tubas too.

Roger Bobo Solo Smaller tuba mouthpiece for F tubas, a bit shallower, but with the same decently wide cup diameter as the Bobo Symphonic. $75
Roger Bobo Tenor Tuba The tuba player's euphonium mouthpiece. Can work on cimbasso. Not a good bass trombone mouthpiece. Tuba sized rim with a 1.5G cup, large bass trombone size shank. $75
Jim Self Large but light sounding tuba mp, similar to a deep Mirafone C3 with a C4 rim. Big sound, larger mouthpiece than the Bobo. $75


Helleberg Tuba Mouthpieces

Among the most famous tuba mouthpieces in the world is the Conn Helleberg. Designed by Mr. Helleberg, the tubist with the John Phillip Sousa Band, the Helleberg mouthpiece is known for its very deep, organ-like tone. The Helleberg 7B is a slightly narrower version of the standard model.  Made in Germany for Conn-Selmer.

120S $79
1207B $79

Faxx Tuba Mouthpieces

Well made made replicas of Mt. Vernon Bach and Helleberg tuba mouthpieces. The Helleberg sizes have a traditional Bach style outer shape. Includes plastic mouthpiece pouch.  Made in Germany.
Model Description Price
18 32.10mm cup, medium wide rim, medium cup, even high register, good projection, large backbore $55
24AW 31.25mm rim, deep cup, dark tone, lots of volume, large backbore, wide rim $55
25 30.60mm rim, medium cup, smaller mouthpiece, popular with younger players $55
HB Helleberg, about 32.25mm cup, classic style with Bach outer shape $55
7B Helleberg 7B, slightly smaller than standard Helleburg, similar to Conn 2, brighter sound $55

Closeout Tuba Mouthpieces

Limited to stock on hand. Please call for availability.

Marcinkiewicz H3 $85
Yamaha BB65, BB66, BB66B, BB66D4, BB67

Similar to Schilke, great for students, silver plate

Josef Klier T3A, T7A $80