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Trumpet & Flugel Cases

Glenn Cronkhite - Eastman - Marcus Bonna - Protec - Torpedo Bags - SKB
Glenn Cronkhite Trumpet Cases

Glenn Cronkhite is the master case maker. His new line of cases is hand made in Berkeley, California. Glenn is the former case designer of Reunion Blues. He made the patterns for all the Reunion Blues cases that were made in San Francisco. With the RB factory closed, Glenn is again making new cases, either the same as the old RB cases, or improved. We have many styles in stock, including many no longer available from Reunion Blues, and all of these are much higher quality cases. Please call for price and availability on other styles. Read more on Glenn Cronkhite and Reunion Blues.


Leather - black, dark chocolate brown, cinnamon brown, burgundy, British tan, dark green, red. black dragon, brown dragon, moss green dragon, dark blue

Fabric - black, red, burgundy, hunter green, bright green, dark blue, brown, tan

Two tone up-charge:  zero

Most of the Cronkhite trumpet cases listed below are generally in stock in black leather or black cordura.


Part Number

Holds any single trumpet, has leather handles, sturdy shoulder strap, side pocket

2.4 lbs. in leather, 24x9x6"

TRP $128 cordura

$171 leather



Holds any single cornet COR $128 cordura

$171 leather


Holds any single flugelhorn FLH $131 cordura


Rotary Valve Trumpet

Holds any rotary valve trumpet like Gantor, Votruba, Kanstul, Monke, Schagerl.  Also fits piston valve trumpets for those wanting a more compact case.  This has less leadpipe protection for a piston trumpet than the above TRP case, but due to its gusset design, it should have less stress on the zipper. 21x8x6" RTR $138 cordura

$195 leather

Piccolo Trumpet Holds any piccolo trumpet PTR $121 cordura

$154 leather

Bass Trumpet, small


Holds smaller European bass trumpets and F contra-alto trumpets, 26x10x8"

Also available: BTR+3", fits Josef Lidl Bb rotary bass trumpet, 29x10x8"

BTR $140 cordura

$198 leather

Bass trumpet large G style / alto trombone New larger bass trumpet case with new gusset style holds any alto trombone or bass trumpet, even larger Getzen models TBN ALT $198 cordura

$330 leather

Double Trumpet


Holds two trumpets or one trumpet and mutes, includes padded center divider, 22x8x9"

TRT1 $185 cordura

$294 leather

Trumpet & Flugel

Similar to the above double trumpet, but taller to accommodate flugelhorns, includes divider and accessory shelf, 22x9x13" TRT2 $224 cordura

$323 leather

Triple Trumpet

Wider version of the above trumpet and flugel case, holds two trumpets plus a piccolo trumpet, or many payers squeeze a trumpet, flugel, and piccolo or mutes/stands in it, very versatile case, and very compact, 20x11x11" TRB-BB $249 cordura

$356 leather

Super Triple Trumpet

Larger true triple trumpet case, holds up to two Bb trumpets and a flugel with ease, still very compact design. Sleek shape without extra outside clutter allows you to speed through crowds without getting snagged. Interior pic at left shows two Bb trumpets and one flugel. Includes shoulder strap, mouthpiece bag.

3.9 lbs. in cordura, 22x11x11"

TRS-BB $261 cordura

$372 leather


Eastman Trumpet Cases

Single Trumpet This new hard case for a single trumpet is stylish, light, protective, and cheap - all good. Made in China of painted fiberglass, it owes its heritage to the Walt Johnson style of case. While not totally indestructible, we think it's great for the money. Includes removable shoulder strap. Rubber feet protect the finish when you put it down.

4.2 lbs., 22x7x7"


Double Trumpet This is a really sleek little double case.  It's smaller than most single cases, has a glossy hard plastic shell, backpack and single shoulder straps, double handles, 3 latches, and a lush velour interior.  It may not be indestructible, but we've seen no cracking or breaking so far, and it should be able to handle all your hand carrying luggage needs.  Often in stock in black and silver, also available in a rainbow of colors in just a few days.  This also works fine with a single trumpet, and you can carry your mutes and stand in the other half of the case.  There is not a lot of extra storage space, but a removable double mouthpiece pouch is included.  Has rubber feet on two edges.  These cases are painted, so they can scratch.  I've found that a scratch can be buffed out with some silver polish and a soft cloth, or touched up with a felt pen.  On the other hand, who doesn't mind a few road wounds on their well traveled case?




Marcus Bonna Trumpet Cases

Marcus Bonna cases are the some of the most compact and protective trumpet cases on the market. They are lightweight, made of rigid fiberglass and have replaceable nylon or leather coverings. Check out a size comparison to a standard Bach single trumpet case. We can order them in a variety of colors for both fabric and leather cases. We try to keep a stock of black cases at all times, but call us if you want something specific.

Links in the first column got to new pics on our new, almost ready website.


Single Trumpet


The Marcus Bonna single case does what you want a single case to do. It is lightweight, protective and is stylish. We recommend these for the folks that play one trumpet all the time and don't need a suitcase to lug around lots of gear.


5.28.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.

nylon- $280

leather- $350

Single Flugel Same as above for flugelhorn.


5.28.15: Sold out.  Our next delivery is July, reserve yours now

nylon- $340


Double Trumpet A classy case. The Bonna double trumpet case is well suited for trumpet players looking for a lightweight case that will provide superior protection.  Constructed from fiberglass, it has rigid sides with a plush interior. Customizable pads allow the player to adjust the interior to fit about any trumpet. In nylon or leather. Backpack straps are included.


22x9x9" (56x23x23cm)

6.8 lbs (3.0kg)

5.28.15: Sold out.  Our next delivery is July, reserve yours now

nylon- $360

leather- $425

Double Trumpet Flight This is a small case that fits two trumpets and assorted accessories.  The outside has a zipper to attach various outside pouches, which can be for sheet music, music and stand, a piccolo trumpet, a laptop.  Or you can use it without.  This case is shaped like a traditional Bonna French horn case, but is thinner.  Includes backpack straps for easy travel.  Sold without additional exterior pouches.  The third photo below is illustrative of what is available, but the pouches are sold separately.

5.28.15: Sold out.  Our next delivery is July, reserve yours now

Triple Trumpet Beautiful case design by Marcus, this triple trumpet case is the best for around the town gigging and ideal for orchestral trumpeters. The outer shell is constructed from layered fiberglass, giving solid protection while being lightweight. The coverings can be had in nylon fabric or leather and are removable to be replaced in the event the cover is damaged. The interior provides customizable foam pads that allow you to adjust this case to fit your horns, despite the make and model. As shown with a Yamaha Z Shew Bb, a custom Ken Larson orchestral C and a Schilke P5-4 piccolo (not included with the case, sorry.) Backpack straps are included.


24x14x8" (61x36x20cm)

9.0 lbs (4.0kg)

5.28.15: In stock in black nylon.

nylon- $410

leather- $475

Compact Triple Trumpet This will also hold 3 full size Bb trumpets, but is in a case nearly as small as the double trumpet case.  Used by many players for two trumpets and a piccolo.  One insert is removable to allow the carrying of the third Bb trumpet.  There is little extra storage space in this case compared to the standard triple, but it's very compact for travel and ingeniously made.


5.28.15: Sold out.  Our next delivery is July, reserve yours now

nylon- $410


Quad Trumpet By far our most popular selling case. Each is handmade in Brazil by Marcus Bonna. This sturdy case is the ticket for trumpet players who travel and want an indestructible case for their horns and hates to leave anything at home. The outer shell is hard fiberglass, nylon or leather outer fabric, rigid dividers, several strap options, and many Velcro pads to customize the case to your needs. The interior pics show two Bb trumpets, a piccolo, and barely visible is a D trumpet where the pad is pulled up to show its bell. This case also fits four Bb trumpets fine. Can be modified to fit  2 trumpets and a flugel. Backpack straps included.

5.28.15: In stock in black nylon.

Also available with a laptop computer pouch for $495 in nylon

5.28.15: The Laptop model is sold out.  Our next delivery of these is July.

10.5 lbs., 22x15x9"


nylon- $460


Compact Quad Trumpet New for 2013 is a slightly smaller and lighter version of the quad trumpet case.  All four trumpets fit side by side as in the laptop case, but the depth of the case is less.  This may not be as good a fit for players wishing to transport a flugelhorn in place of two of the trumpets.  We will add pictures and a full review sometime...

5.28.15: In stock in black nylon.




ProTec Trumpet Cases

Part Number
Single trumpet gig bag

Black nylon construction with side pocket, shoulder strap, replaceable plastic stiffening sleeves, very nice case for little money. C238 $60
Triple trumpet gig bag


You can squeeze a Bb, a C, and a flugel in it, though it's a tight fit. Works best for Bb, C, and piccolo, or one trumpet and flugel. Somehow Dennis Farias got a cornet in there too. Has many exterior pockets, and an organizer. Similar capacity to the standard triple trumpet bag from Cronkhite but is bulkier. Similar to the old gig bag marketed by Selmer but made with much better materials. Black nylon, made in China by ProTec. Most excellent zipper access to the foam layer on the outside of the case, so you can replace the foam without seeing your local sewing shop. Removable mute bag, includes two shoulder straps.

First interior picture at left is two Bb trumpets and a piccolo in the middle. The second interior picture is one Bb trumpet, one flugel, and one piccolo in the middle. Tight fit, but it works.

6.3 lbs., 26x12x14"


C248 $170
Vax doubler's travel case


Designed by trumpeter Mike Vax, this case holds a trumpet and flugel, same size as above case, also includes wheels and retractable handle, perfect for airline travel, black nylon with zipper closure, accessory pocket, may travel as checked baggage if necessary, though the case may wear faster. PB301VAX $175

I-Pac Triple Trumpet Case

Taking a cue from Marcus Bonna, this new Protec case holds three trumpets, or one trumpet and one flugel.  Includes several foam blocks with Velcro attachment to customize the fit.  Dividers also attach with Velcro, and are adjustable.  Includes wheels, retractable handle, exterior pockets.  Looks like the Vax case, but about 20% larger. IP301TWL $185

I-Pac Double Trumpet Case

Same as the above, but for two trumpets.  We order the standard model without the wheels and handle. It's a small enough case that those extra parts can just add to the heft. However, if you're carrying many other items, or are particularly petite, we're glad to get the wheel and handle version. It only costs $15 extra. Inside features plush foam and Velcro attached padded inserts.  External zipper pocket.  Plastic frame with nylon covering. IP301D $160

Small Trumpet Mute Bag

Small nylon mute bag with zipper closure, metal hardware, and shoulder strap.  7x9x5"  Clips to any case. M400 $28
Large Trumpet Mute Bag

Protec's Trumpet Mute Bag with Modular Walls is designed to be next to the horn player during a performance. It allows quick access to mutes, and the padded bottom keeps mutes from making a noise when dropped in. Large exterior accessory pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, and a stretchy water bottle pocket complete the package.

Exterior dimensions: 9x15x10.5"

M404 $50


Torpedo Bags


Torpedo Nylon

This durable trumpet case only weighs about 6 pounds but is strong enough to support a mid sized car! Torpedo Bags offer trumpet players lightweight case options with a maximum amount of protection for their horn. The cases are made in the USA and use high quality materials. The D rings are reinforced to reduce the stress of use and add to the durability of the case. The inside of the case is form fit to the trumpet and a small zippered accessory pocket provides storage for oils, keys, cell phones etc. The case has backpack straps and a removable music pocket.

5 lbs 10oz.





SKB Trumpet Cases

Case Specs Part Number Price
Contour Single Trumpet



Single trumpet case made of ABS plastic with metal trim, valance, latches, and feet.  Firm Styrofoam innards covered with soft cloth which can be custom formed to your trumpet as necessary.  Single handle and D-rings for shoulder strap (not included).  Inside storage space for 2 mouthpieces, but little else.  Very light and compact for travel.  Lifetime guarantee. SKB130 $90
Rectangular Single Trumpet

Similar to above case, but larger rectangular shape.  Does not have metal feet.  But, it is stackable, and has a bit more storage space.  Includes D-rings for shoulder strap (not included).  Can fit one straight mute, possibly a small stand, and other accoutrements.  I recommend putting small items in a bag, as individually they may get lost in a large slot that goes underneath the foam panel supporting the trumpet.  Lifetime guarantee. SKB330 $90