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Client Testimonials

Hi Noah,

I wanted to thank you for your kind help. I got my trombone!
everything was OK. The horn is really good, I appreciate your time in
testing them. I'm sure I'll be delighted when get back home, and back
to work.

All my best for the holidays,

Julio Briseno
Principal Trombone, Mexico City Philharmonic


Thank you Mr. Ferguson

A case looks forward to arriving.
It is presented the splendid New Year.

Shuji Daisaku

Received the horn [Kanstul euphonium] today. A beauty with near perfect intonation.  Thanks Steve.

George Sedlar

Dear Mike,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with arranging a trumpet for Wynton on such short notice.  All of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Meghan Thornton
Wynton Marsalis Enterprises

Thought you might like to see this photo of another satisfied customer. Beautiful horn-- truly inspiring! Big sound, very precise. Thank you very much for your extraordinary service--above and beyond--to make it the horn I dreamed of!

Take it out to play this weekend for a recording session . . .

Don Glasgo

Hi Steve,

FYI, the trombones arrived today, I went to Tanglewood to pick them up.  If they sound half as good as they look we're going to be very happy.  I'm going to get them all out and play them tonight, check pitch, enjoy some time with them, then give them to Ron Barron and Norman Bolter at our rehearsal on Wed and hopefully get us all together to
play some chorales in the next few days. Thanks again, more later.

Doug Yeo, Bass Trombone Boston Symphony Orchestra

By the way, the Kruspe trombones are tremendous, all is in place for this deal to be finalized; James Levine fell in love with the sound when we used them on Schumann 3 and Brahms 1 last week and this week. This is a great opportunity for us and they will have a new home where they'll be used regularly.

Doug Yeo

Dylan et al,

I received the Atkinson 501 French horn today. It arrived in good shape. As far as I can tell, it suffered no ill effects from its trip. I have played it some (not too much, I have Beethoven #7 rehearsal tonight) and am quite pleased with this horn. Good scale, tone, valves, response and high register. Just as Dylan said. Imagine that! I'm not used to this. I'm used to being disappointed. At any rate, this could be exactly the horn I was searching for. Time will tell, but I'm feeling much more positive about this instrument after an hour's blow, than I have been about ANY horn. I can't find a bad note! It plays better than my $8000 Kuhn! Same easy response, but better scale and high register. Sick!!!

A BIG THANKS TO DYLAN. You sure can pick a horn!!!

Now, I'm debating on weather or not to play the Beethoven on it this week. If it weren't the Music Director conducting, I would for sure. I had decided to play my descant (a nod to my age) but the high register is so good on this 501, that I may just go ahead and bring it in tonight.

Thanks again Dylan et al,

Frank Portone
Principal Horn, Charlotte Symphony

Not only do I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving, but I want to express my thanks for all of your service and the Kanstul 1662 trombone I bought from you.  The more I play the horn, the more I like it.  It is so versatile, so responsive, and so easy to play, and the tone is clear and beautiful.  I don't have any problem getting the horn to do what I want.  I do, however, have a problem being able to do everything the horn seems to want me to do! ;-)

I'm not a professional musician, so my testimonial won't hold as much weight, but if you ever need someone to talk to a potential customer about this horn, I will gladly do so.

Charles Campbell

I purchased a Kanstul 1688 from you about a year ago, and I want to tell you that I still think it is absolutely fantastic.  I thought at first that I would go back-and-forth a bit between it and my Elkhart 88H, but actually I started playing the Kanstul and never looked back.  It is the best horn I've ever owned, and I have owned (still own, actually) a bunch.  Everybody loves the sound, and when they try it their eyes open wide and their eyebrows shoot up and they say, "WHOA!"  They can't keep from staring at it during rehearsals.  I think that the Denver crowd is starting to think me as "that guy that plays the Kanstul."  It's too bad that model never really took off-I see that you have removed it from your normal inventory.  Oh, well-I guess trombonists are a conservative lot...

Paul Altenhofen
Littleton, CO

Just a word to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Kanstul 1670.  It's a gorgeous, elegant horn, and needless to say, unique.  It plays great, with an especially free blowing openness at the low end.  The new valve is quiet like a mouse and has the feel of fine machinery.  It's nice to have a choice of leadpipes (so far, I like the legit the best).  I can't detect any difference in response with the valve open or closed.  The slide is great and the extra weight of the tuning gear is a non-issue - took five minutes to get used to.  A wonderful design, executed to the highest possible standards.  As an amateur I feel fortunate to have such an instrument.

You guys are a great team.  Best wishes for continued success.

Jim White

I played a concert with the Utah Premiere Brass Band at BYU last week (www.upb.org). They hired Adam Fry (euphonium) as a guest artist for the concert.  One of BYU's faculty members played a duet with Adam both playing euphoniums.  The faculty member has been teaching at BYU for almost 30 years.  After the concert, the faculty member came up to me and complemented me on my bass trombone sound.  He said he loved my big, full sound I was able to obtain with my horn. He asked what I was playing and then asked a few questions about the 1662.  I have been on cloud 9 ever since.

I even had one young kid (college age) that was a new trombonist stop me as I got into my car. He asked me if I was the bass trombonist.  I said I was.  He said that what I played was amazing and asked me if I had any words of advice for him in guiding him in a horn and mouthpiece purchase.  Note I didn't play any special solos, just mostly ensemble work.

You guys spent a lot of time on the phone helping me get the right combination of lead pipes, mouth pieces, and trombone design to make this possible.  (of course I suggested the kid contact The Horn Guys if he wants any information on bass trombones.)

Paul Sorenson

I auditioned for a brass band group called the "Utah Premiere Brass". I made it into the group.

It is a British style Brass band and the director is British.  I have come a long way since I bought this horn and have even farther to  go to play at this bands level.

But I could not have come this far if it were not for you and Roberts's expert advice helping me obtain the best equipment and accessories I could afford.

Paul Sorenson

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your help picking out my horn.  I really appreciated your patience in trying out everything including the kitchen sink.  I can't wait to get it here and play it.  I got lost big time going back to Burbank.  I saw a lot of LA and finally got back to the hotel it was great.  

Once again thank you very much!!  As one Bone Player to another "Balls Out!"

Jim Allen
Gig Harbor, WA

Steve Ferguson and  Noah Gladstone---
I just received the Shires 1Y bell which you shipped. It arrived in immaculate condition and it fits like a glove.
I am certain that I will be doing business with you in the future...

John Bailey