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Trombone Stands

K&M 14990 Heavy Duty Trombone Stand, Black
This is our favorite trombone stand. It's very stable and folds to a relatively small size.  It is a bit heavier than some others, but the extra weight is worth it for those who embrace a worry-free lifestyle. This is the only stand we use for bass trombone, and is the default display stand in our stores. Replacement parts are available for all K&M stands.  Made in Germany.  Weight = 3.4 pounds $70
K&M 14985 Trombone Stand, Black

This is a lighter lighter stand good for all tenor trombones. The plastic center base allows a little flex, but we've heard of no failures or tragedies ever.  Several of our colleagues love these for their small bore tenor trombones. This is a better stand than the Hamilton, but is light and folds compactly. We only recommend this for bass trombones if you're careful.  Made in Germany.  Weight = 2.6 pounds $40

Hercules DS420B In-Bell Trombone Stand

Sturdy 4-leg stand that fits inside the bell of your trombone for a compact travel setup.  The weighted base may unbalance your case a bit.  Some users recommend airing out the stand from time to time to prevent rust.  For an in-bell stand, this is a quality product.  It's more stable than both the old Manhasset design and the K&M. $59

Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand

This unusual stand holds your trombone by the hand grips.  You can leave your mute in the bell, and you can leave a clip-on microphone attached to the bell without worry.  It's very sturdy, good for lighter horns, and the grip width is adjustable to hold up to large tenor trombones with F attachment.  It seems less stable when used with the widest hand slides.  It does not fit most double valve bass trombones.

This stand holds your horn at a significant angle, rather than vertically as the other stands do.  If you're not used to seeing a trombone tilting this way, you might find it unnerving for a while.  All the staff here has lurched towards a trombone on occasion after seeing one on this stand at their edge of vision.  We think it's falling.  But it's not.


The Horn Guys Contrabass Trombone Stand

We offer a very sturdy stand for F contrabass trombones.  It's made from a heavy duty nickel plated cymbal stand, an industrial plunger and some ingenuity.  This stand will not tip over. (Well, not without help.) This stand may be too tall for the Miraphone BBb or CC contrabass.  For the Miraphone, we recommend the K&M 14990 stand.  Your ideal stand height is such that the end of the hand slide barely touches the floor when the trombone is placed fully onto the stand.  This will help support the weight of the horn.  Because of the significant weight of the slide and body on a contrabass trombone, we fear possible damage to the bell if only the bell supports the trombone. $60