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We got our start in trombones, and offer all sizes including soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and contrabass trombones.  We specialize in quality instruments built by well-paid craftsmen.

Our premier trombones are built by Steve Shires in Boston.  The Shires is the most popular instrument for the working professional and the established conservatory player.  Depending on size and model, Shires trombones cost $2900-5700.  Modular components offer customization for every player's desires.

For the discerning trombonist, our other top professional instruments are priced from $1700-4200 and are made in the USA by Conn, King, Bach, Getzen, Kanstul and Schilke, or in Japan by Yamaha.

For those on a more reasonable budget, we offer several models of Getzen and Kanstul trombones with F-attachment starting at $1395.

We offer the best of the student and step-up trombones by Bach, Getzen, Kanstul and Yamaha from $349.  We rent most of these as well.

All our instruments are play tested and tuned up before sale.  We are very particular about trombone hand slide action.  You will receive a trombone with a good slide from us.  We offer a trial period and refund or exchange.  We are your liaison for factory warranty service and we can arrange repair or restoration of your instrument.

Most trombones include cases, but if you wish to upgrade your case, we have the best by Marcus Bonna, Glenn Cronkhite, Protec, SKB and Eastman Winds.


Look through the links at left and above for our favorite instruments, cases, mutes, mouthpieces, and accessories.