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Trombone Cases

Glenn CronkhiteMarcus Bonna - Eastman Winds - ProTec - SKB


Glenn Cronkhite Custom Cases 

Glenn Cronkhite is the master case maker. His light weight cases are hand made in Berkeley, California. Remember when Reunion Blues cases were made in San Francisco? (They're made in China now.) That formerly famous line was really Glenn Cronkhite cases made under license. With the RB factory closed, Glenn is again making all the cases himself in his Berkeley shop, either the same as the old RB line, or improved, with new style and a variety of new colors. We have many styles in stock, including many no longer available from Reunion Blues. All of these are much higher quality cases than their Chinese made lineup due to better materials, sleeker design, and better finish work. Please call for price and availability on other styles not listed, or for custom work. Read more on Glenn Cronkhite and Reunion Blues.

A while back I got a shipment of cases from Glenn that included one of the compact tenor trombone cases in this incredible cinnamon brown leather. I assimilated it into my collection immediately to house my Shires jazz tenor, and I promptly sold old case. This Cronkhite case is much lighter, easier and more comfortable to carry, doesn't have sharp square corners, and......looks incredible!!! I mean, what kind of statement do I want to make about my musicianship and my equipment? Production case, or a beautiful brown leather case hand made by my friend in Berkeley? It was an easy choice. If you want style, light weight, and the ultimate in protection for a soft case, these are the bomb!

All Cronkhite trombone cases are the new G style, which stands for gusset, and are sort of squarish, with the slide pocket inside the main compartment of the bag for better protection. There is much less stress on the zippers than with the older style cases. A wooden disk is now sewn inside the bell end of the bag . Most have double shoulder straps to allow you to carry the bag like a backpack. Single straps are available by special order. The older Reunion Blues O style trombone case style is no longer available, due to the high stress on zippers and seams and the high amount of warranty repairs that were required.

These cases are not cheap, but they are handmade like no others and will last you a lifetime. They have the firmest foam, wood reinforcements, gold plated steel hardware, top quality zippers, and heavy duty extra thick boot and saddle type leather. They can be repaired and rebuilt by Glenn for a reasonable price. He will also repair older Reunion Blues cases, call for info.

These aren't your father's gig bags. They are a much higher quality product. If you tend to injure your horn and need a hard case, go with that, but if you want a lighter sleeker case with excellent protection for its weight, this is the best choice. I use them for all my instruments.

Weights of Cronkhite cases may vary due to thickness of the leather. For comparison, a Conn 88H case weighs 11.5 pounds, and a Bach 12 case weighs 13 pounds.

We keep most of these styles in stock in black for immediate shipping, and we have some in some spectacular colors and two-color combinations. Other colors can ship in 2 weeks. Don't be afraid of color, choose something that will stand out. Have fun and enjoy the art of the case.


Leather - black, dark chocolate brown, cinnamon brown, burgundy, British tan, dark green, red

Fabric - black, red, burgundy, hunter green, bright green, dark blue, brown, tan

Two tone-upcharge:  zero

Part Number & Weight
Alto trombone or bass trumpet

Fits all alto trombones and bass trumpets, up to 8" bell. Single removable shoulder strap. Pictured is an alto case in black cordura. Cordura TBN ALT-C 3.75 lbs

Leather TBN ALT-L



Compact tenor trombone

This is the smallest and lightest trombone case around. It's a sleekest, narrowest version of these cases. Fits horns without F attachments, up to 8" bell, essentially all jazz horns. Includes double backpack straps to keep it centered on your back. Pictured are cinnamon brown leather and black and red leather. If you want everyone in sight to say, "Nice case", that black and red one will have the desired effect. Also shown is an interior view, with a Shires small bore tenor trombone inside.

37x10x9",    3.5" wide at the narrow end

Cordura TBN TSG-C 5 lbs

Leather TBN TSG-L 6 lbs



Compact tenor trombone 2-piece travel case

For those who find the above case too large, Glenn now makes a two-piece case, in the style of the old Reunion Blues trombone gig bags, but this improved version offers much better protection, and it much more versatile for travel.  The slide pocket is a separate case with its own should strap.  it has wood on both sides, and can be easily removed from the bell case.  The bell case is a bit smaller than the case above, so when taken apart, both pieces can be carried onto ANY plane.  If you get vibed by the gate attendant, simply snap your two cases apart, and say, "What?  These two little things?  Of course they'll fit."

cordura 5 lb

leather 8 lb

Cordura TBN TSBO-C + TSO-C

Leather TBN TSBO-L + TSO-L





Small to medium tenor trombone

Fits all straight tenor trombones without F attachment up to 8" bell, and some medium bore horns with F attachment for a slightly tighter fit. Fine case for a Bach 36B, or for those wanting a bit more room inside for their King 3B. Double backpack style shoulder straps. Pictured is a TTG in black cordura.


Cordura TBN TTG-C

Leather TBN TTG-L



Large tenor trombone

Fits all large tenor trombones with F attachment, up to 9" bell, with room for your stuff. Try this for Conn 88H, Bach 42B, and similar horns. Double shoulder straps. Also fits single valve bass trombones up to 9.5" bell, though it's a tighter fit. Pictured in black cordura with burgundy sides, material is less red than it appears. Also shown in dark chocolate brown leather. The lower picture is a top view showing the interior. Inside is a Shires tenor trombone with Thayer valve. Any trombone without F attachment can also fit fine inside this case, or we can order a narrower version called the BTGS, which is built like the slim TSG case above, but for an 8.5" bell no-valve horn, like the Conn 8H. Price is the same.  Call for details.


Cordura TBN BTG-C 6 lbs

Leather TBN BTG-L 8 lbs



Large tenor trombone or small bass trombone 2-piece travel case


This case holds all large tenor trombones with F attachment, and most single and double valve bass trombones with up to 9.5" bell.  The two pieces can be separated for airline travel, for those times when you must carry your horn on the plane.  Let us know if your bell section is over 28.5" long, or if you have a double valve bass trombone and want a small hump in the top of the case to allow more room for the D paddle.  Custom length and the bass hump is available at no extra charge.

To be clear, this case comes in two versions.  The standard model fits short and medium length trombones, like these:  Bach 42B, Conn 88H, Getzen 1047, 3047, all Shires, all axial valves.  The "+2B" long model fits longer F-attachment trombones, like these:  Bach 42BO, Conn 88HO, Willson 411, Yamaha Xeno YSL-882O.  it also fits a few compact wrap bass trombones with 9.5" bell.  It's a tight fit, but this smaller case may help with air travel for some players.  Bass trombones include:  Yamaha Conn 62H, 62HI, Yamaha 613H, 622G, Getzen 1052, 1062, most single valve models, and perhaps a few others.

cordura 5 lb

leather 8 lb





Cordura TBN BTBO-C and TSO-C

Leather TBN BTBO-L and TSO-L

Long model:

Cordura BTBO+2B-C and TSO-C

Leather BTBO+2B-L and TSO-L


*please specify if you have a long open wrap and order the "+2B" model























Bass trombone

Fits all bass trombones up to 10.5" bell, very roomy, fits all valve styles, now has bulge in the top for better fit around second valve paddle, double shoulder straps. Pictured is my new personal bass trombone case in green and black leather with an optional end handle, and the sleek dark brown and British tan leather.


Cordura TBN BBG-C 6 lbs

Leather TBN BBG-L 7.5 lbs



Large bass trombone 2-piece travel case


This case holds all double valve bass trombones.  The two pieces can be separated for airline travel, for those times when you must carry your horn on the plane.  This is the best fit for bass trombones with large valves or very open wraps, and whose bell is over 9.5".  This does not fit as well in all commercial aircraft overhead bins, so we recommend the medium sized BTBO, above, unless you absolutely need a case this large.  Can be made in a longer length if your bell section is over 28.5" long.

cordura 6 lb

leather 9 lb

Cordura TBN BBBO-C + TSO-C

Leather TBN BBBO-L + TSO-L


*please specify if you have a long open wrap or dependent valve bass trombone when ordering this case





Small double trombone

Fits 2 trombones, either a large tenor and a small tenor, or any tenor trombone and an alto trombone. Similar size to the BTG, very compact bag for its capacity, double shoulder straps. Pictured in black leather with British tan sides.


Scroll down to see an interior view of a double trombone case.

Cordura TBN DBS-C 6.25 lbs

Leather TBN DBS-L 7.75 lbs



Medium double trombone

This is a new case designed to be right in between the small and large double cases in size.  This is a perfect fit for most any double valve bass trombone and a tenor trombone with F attachment.  Yes, the photo at lest is the same as above.  That's because this case looks the same, it's just a bit larger.  New photo coming someday.



Cordura TBN DBL-C 7 lbs

Leather TBN DBL-L 8 lbs




Large double trombone


Fits any bass trombone and any tenor trombone with F attachment, large bag, not as easy to tote as the above DBS bag, but very roomy with ability to hold any two horns easily, double shoulder straps with large pads, removable end handle. I even carry two bass trombones in one of these. Pictured in black cordura with midnight blue sides. Also shown is a top view of the interior, with a Kanstul bass trombone and Shires tenor trombone inside.


Cordura TBN DBL-C 7.5 lbs

Leather TBN DBL-L 8.25 lbs



Contrabass trombone and cimbasso

Fits all F contrabass trombones, Alexander, Haag, Thein, Glassel, and a few F cimbassos, including Rudy Meinl and Mirafone. Pictured in black leather.


Cordura TBN CON-F-C

Leather TBN CON-F-L 11 lbs



Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone

Fits the Mirafone BBb contrabass trombone, same case as TBN BBG but with a wider slide pocket to accommodate the double slide. Pictured in black cordura with hunter green sides.


Cordura TBN BBC-C 6 lbs

Leather TBN BBC-L 7.5 lbs



Valve trombone

Fits all valve trombones, up to 9" bell. This is the TBN BTG case with a wider slide pocket. Pictured in midnight blue cordura.


Cordura TBN BTV-C 6 lbs

Leather TBN BTV-L 8 lbs



Valve Trombone with both a valve and slide compartment

Fits all valve trombones with up to a 9" bell. Wide double slide pocket holds both a slide and valve section. This is the TBN DBS case with a different slide pocket. Case looks the same as the above DBS. Pictures in two-tone black and British tan leather.


Cordura TBN DBV-C

Leather TBN DBV-L



Tenor trombone mute bag

13.5 x 10 x 6.5", cordura fabric with leather trim, slips over trombone case handle, 1.4 lbs. in cordura Cordura TBN TMT-C

Leather TBN TMT-L



Bass trombone mute bag

17 x 13.5 x 8", cordura fabric with leather trim, slips over trombone case handle, 3.4 lbs. in leather Cordura TBN BMT-C

Leather TBN BMT-L



Padded cloth accessory pouches, zipper closure

8.5 x 5" Small

10.5 x 6.5" Medium

10.5 x 8.5 Large

Straight neckpipe bag

F-attachment bag












Marcus Bonna

These are indestructible fiberglass cases made in Brazil. Sleek shape with outer nylon fabric and leather trim. Includes numerous Velcro attached pads to customize the case for a perfect fit. They do not stay in stock long and we get orders every 3 months or so. Make sure to call to reserve one or order a custom color or material. This is one of the best cases you can get. 

Case Specs Price

Tenor Trombone


Standard tenor trombone case, will fit all tenors up to a 9" bell flare and fits a straight mute inside the bell. Has a large accessory pocket inside the case and on the outside, also has straps to hold a trombone stand. Backpack and shoulder straps included. Fiberglass shell case with replaceable cover in the event yours gets worn. Velcro pads can be adjusted inside the case to perfectly fit your trombone. nylon- $525

leather- $650

6.2.15: In stock in black nylon.




Super Light Tenor Trombone


New from Marcus Bonna, lightweight tenor trombone case. A smaller wider case than the standard tenor. Velcro pads make a custom fit for your trombone. Backpack and shoulder straps included.  This is really an ingenious design.  The parts of your horn fit closely, but they'll never touch if you put them in right.  Tip:  the water key of your slide goes down on the right side, and the slide connector goes down on the left side, in a little hole.  A small foam pad will keep the slide away from the bell. nylon- $525

leather- $650

6.2.15: Sold out.  Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.



Compact Tenor Trombone

This new compact case is a very sleek fit for any straight tenor trombone.  It has lots of storage space including a mute.  It also looks to fit many trombones with F attachment.  Open wrap instruments need the F tuning slide removed and stored before closing the case.  Some popular instruments do not fit, see below.  There is also room for a mute.  Case includes an outer music pouch and backpack straps.

This case is not much smaller than the lightweight case, but allows a mute stored inside the bell like the larger standard Bonna tenor trombone case.

Good fit with F slide installed:

  • Conn 8H, 88H, 88HT
  • Bach 42, 42B
  • Yamaha compact wrap 400, 600 series

Good fit with F slide removed:

  • Bach 42BO, 42A, 42T, 42AF
  • Getzen 1036, 1047, 3047, 4047, 4147
  • Greenhoe
  • Kanstul 1570T
  • Most any Hagman or Thayer setup
  • Shires, any rotor
  • Yamaha Xeno 882O, 882OR

Does not fit:

  • Conn 88HO, 88HTO
  • Kanstul 1570, 1588, 1688 (with CR rotor)

Not sure:

  • Conn 88HCL
nylon- $540

leather- $675

6.2.15: In stock in black nylon.


Bass Trombone

Bass trombone case, compact and lightweight. An excellent case that offers protection and versatility. Bass trombone cases are usually bulky and non protective. This case solves all of the problems. Velcro padding inside can be adjusted to fit whatever valve combination you have on your bass.  Can also be used for large tenor trombones, and since it doesn't hold a mute like the MBT, it's a shorter case.  Designed for 9.5"-10" bell.  We can also order the XL version for 10.5" bells.  Please ask.  No extra charge. nylon- $525


6.2.15: One available in black nylon.

XL model sold out, our next shipment is in July.



Tenor & Alto Trombone

A very compact double trombone case that fits any tenor with F-attachment, and any straight alto trombone.  The interior contains many removable foam blocks to customize the fit to your instruments.  Removable nylon cover is replaceable or easily repaired.  Tough fiberglass shell should last a lifetime. nylon- $700

leather- $875

6.2.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.


Double Tenor Trombone

Same as above, but a larger version to fit any two tenor trombones.

Weight: 14.1 lbs (6.4kg)

38x12x9.5" (97x30x22cm)

nylon- $750

leather- $925

6.2.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.


Tenor & Bass Trombone Same as above, but even larger to fit a tenor and bass trombone.  We'll have a full report soon, but it looks like you can indeed fir a large tenor trombone with F attachment, and most any double valve bass trombone together in this case.  Long open wrap horns may be an issue, as the F attachment crook is very close to the other horn's bell flare.

Weight: 15.4 lbs (7kg)

38x13x11" (97x33x28cm)


6.2.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.


Screw Bell Tenor Trombone Fits most tenor trombones with a removable bell flare, including Holton and the S.E. Shires Ralph Sauer model. nylon-$525

6.2.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.


Screw Bell Bass Trombone Fits most bass trombones with a removable bell flare nylon-$525

6.2.15: Sold out.

Our next shipment is in July, reserve yours now.

Soft Case For Tenor or Bass Trombone New lightweight case looks like the style of the old Reunion Blues gig bags.  This new model has a fiberglass shell over the slide compartment and additional reinforcement in the bell area.  Stay tuned for a detailed review and photos. TBA


Eastman Winds

Large Tenor Trombone Case


Sleek case for most trombones with F-attachment.  Not a perfect fit for Shires or trombones with oversize rotary valves.  Hard fiberglass plastic shell has some flex when opened, but seems structurally very stiff when closed.  The halves seal together to repel moisture.  Inside is velour-covered firm foam, with door to separate the hand slide from the bell section.  Very sleek, compact shape, with multiple metal latches.  Includes double backpack straps.  The only room for improvement might be the hinges of the slide door being on the bottom for easier access, and a slightly plusher section for the bell, which would allow fitting several more models of trombones.  The foam interior is very firm.  The outer shell is painted, and can scratch, but minor scratches can be easily polished out with some polishing compound.  We've used silver polish with success.  Gloss colors include: black, white, silver, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple.  Pebbled finishes available include:  gun metal grey, white, silver, red, blue, green.  $180

We try to stock these colors:  gloss black, silver, blue, red.  Other can often be had in a few days if they are in stock at Eastman Winds.

This case fit limited horns:


Conn 88H, Bach 36B, 42B, 42A, 42AF, 42T, Yamaha 400, 600, Xeno 882OR (reverse only), all Getzen, all Hagman, all Thayer & axial rotors

Barely fits:

Conn Lindberg (rotor knuckle is vulnerable)

These horns' F attachment crooks touch the case storage compartment, which is not padded.  It is a very close fit, and we are fearful.  But, it fits.  Be careful:  Conn 88HO, Bach 36BO, 42BO, Yamaha Xeno 882O

Does not fit :

Shires with F-attachment, Greenhoe

Bass Trombone Case

The small and curvaceous case fits most any bass trombone with double valves.  A larger version of the above tenor case, it is available only in pebbled finish.  We generally stock it in matte black, which is actually a gun metal grey, and matte silver.  While not indestructible, we find this to be a compact and durable case for local travel.  Includes double backpack straps.  $230

This case seems to be universal fit with few exceptions. 


All: Shires, Kanstul, Yamaha, Bach, rotary, Thayer/axial, Hagman, Trubore, Greenhoe inline

Almost fits:

Single valve bass trombones like Kanstul 1670: add Cronkhite foam block from slide sleeve under horn

Conn 110H - F crook will touch unpadded storage compartment - be careful, it's dangerous

Not sure:

Conn 62H (new), 62HI, 62HCL Lindberg, Minick 62H - these may be very long like the 110H, check it out first


Large tenor trombone case

New compact, sleek design with plush interior, fits all trombones with F-attachment, up to 9" bell.  Two small interior storage compartments, plus large outer pocket, single shoulder strap.  Looks like Bam Classic case.  $219 PB306CT

Backpack strap kit available for this case, $18 item #BPSTRAP

When using this case, check to make sure the mouthpiece receiver part of the slide will not contact the bell when the case is closed.  We're rarely seen any trouble from this, but especially for travel, it's worth checking.

This newest design of this case does indeed fit Shires trombones.  The thumb paddle no longer hits the slide.

Available in black or brown.

Bass trombone ProPac case

New bass trombone case is much smaller than previous models.  It's reasonably priced, not too weighty, and has a plush padded velvet lined interior.  Includes two small interior pockets and one large outer pocket with organizer and single shoulder strap.  Seems to fit every bass trombone we've tried, even Shires with stacked axial valves, though a small padded cloth over the D paddle will help keep the bell and slide away from each other in extreme situations. $239 PB309CT

 Backpack strap kit available for this case, $18 item #BPSTRAP

The slide compartment on this case may be too short for vintage Conn 70H-73H trombones, but fits all contemporary models.

Available in black.

Backpack strap kit

Backpack strap kit, fits all current production Protec trombone cases, BPSTRAP $18
Trombone Mute Bag

Sleek nylon mute bag with padded internal divider.  Can be clipped to your case or carried with the included shoulder strap.  Features one external zipper pocket.  May not be large enough for players who carry many mutes to '30's style bands.  They should consider the bass trombone mute bag instead.  Does not fit trombone stands.  15x15x7.5"  $36
Bass Trombone Mute Bag

Larger version of the above mute bag.  Includes shoulder strap and external zipper pocket.  Also useful for tenor trombone players with a large mute collection.  $44





Part Number


360 small tenor trombone case

Fine molded light weight plastic case with metal trim and latches, D-rings for shoulder strap mounting, firm cloth covered Styrofoam interior, foam can be compressed for an exact fit for your horn, lifetime limited warranty, very popular among local musicians who travel, probably not strong enough to last forever if checked on a a plane flight, but it's small enough to carry on under most circumstances. 7.5 lbs.

Beware if you use this case for a horn with removable mouthpipes.  The threaded mouthpipe fixture on your slide will sit dangerously close to the bell when the case is closed.  We recommend putting a padded cloth in between to help prevent injury to your horn.

SKB360 $115

462 large tenor trombone case

Heavy duty molded plastic case fits all large tenor trombones with F attachment, up to 9" bell. D-rings for shoulder strap mounting, small external pocket, lifetime limited warranty, firm cloth covered Styrofoam interior, can be molded to fit your horn, will fit Shires and other Thayer valve equipped tenor trombones. Indestructible looking case, worthy of checking on a flight. 10 lbs. SKB462 $155