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Bass Trombone Mutes

Bass Trombone Straight Mutes

Humes & Berg Stonelined 170 Medium Straight


Fiber straight mute, mellow sound, softer sounding than metal mutes, price is right, 123g $32
Humes & Berg Stonelined 198 Large Straight
Same as above in very large size, better low range, can work on BBb contra. 181g $47

Best Brass Straight Mini Mute

This is a revolutionary small aluminum straight mute that fits inside your horn, inside the case.  This makes for easy travel.  You'll find the same tone in this smaller mute as a standard straight mute.  It also looks to be a nice fit in an Eb trumpet. $150
Tom Crown Aluminum

Nicely polished straight mute, thick corks may need to be cut or filed, great sound, drill a small hole in the edge if playing low Eb with the mute gives you a woof tone. 222g $65
Tom Crown Aluminum with Copper Bottom
Same as above with copper bottom, gives more sizzle to the sound. Steve uses this one. Easily dented, but worth it for the great sound. $75
Denis Wick DW5509 Aluminum


Brushed aluminum mute, bulbous end, plays well. Less volume but more sizzle than others, thinner corks. $59
Denis Wick DW5553 Wood


Very light, artsy, very slim straight mute made of wood, softer sound than most metal straight mutes, nice for chamber music, pit work, 92g $78
Jo-Ral Aluminum


Similar to Wick, but heavier, more sound, darker, decent low range, thinner corks. 189g $77
Jo-Ral Aluminum with Brass Bottom

Heavier feeling mute with cool yellow brass look to it. $87
Jo-Ral Aluminum with Copper Bottom

Same with a brushed copper bottom $87

Bass Trombone Cup Mutes

Humes & Berg Stonelined 171 Medium
Similar to the tenor trombone cup mute, but bigger, CAN FIT large tenors like Bach 42, and small bell bass trombones like Conn 70H-73H. Needs thicker corks for modern bass trombones. Fits the 9" Conn 88HK bell. 242g $41
Humes & Berg Stonelined 199 Large
Overly large cup mute, fits best in large bore Holton bass trombones, fits most other modern horns, improved if rubber ring at top is removed. This mute is also called the Mica Mute, is has flocking inside, and a rubber rim around the cup. Drilling a 1/8" hole in the end can help the low notes speak better. 372g $58
Denis Wick DW5533 Aluminum
Adjustable cup aluminum mute, well made, light, good sound. 296g $88
Jo-Ral Aluminum
Large and somewhat bulky but nicely playing cup mute, dark sound. Adjustable cup. 422g $96

Bass Trombone Bucket Mutes


Soulo Tenor Trombone Mute

Soulo's trumpet bucket mute has become very popular in the past couple of years, and now they add tenor and bass trombone models.  The tenor trombone mute fits trombones with up to 8" bell.  The bass trombone mute fits 9.5-10" bells.  These looks to be smartly updated versions of the classic Finch mutes from San Diego.  Metal bell rim hooks are coated to prevent scratching of the bell rim.  It's easy to use: simply hang the mute by the two small hooks, then use your thumb to slide the third hook onto the bell rim. Tenor


Humes & Berg 172B Stonelined
The classic sound, clips on the bell, fiber, with cotton wadding, white with red trim. 356g 9.5" diameter. Also available as 172A for 9" bells, and 172D for 10" bells. $37
Jo-Ral Aluminum
New style, plugs into bell like a straight mute, very large, too heavy for some, nice sound. Jo-Ral small tenor size of this mute can also be used on bass trombones for lighter weight. 479g  $96
Neoprene hat, hung over the bell, gives a great bucket sound, designed by LA trombonist Ira Nepus. Can be put all the way over the bell for practice mute sound. Easy on/off, light, sounds great, versatile. Nice if you have to play a lot of bucket stuff because of the very light weight. Nice for travel or for warming up quietly before the gig. 105g

9.5" bell - order Small Bass

10-10.5" bell - order Large Bass

Watch a video of the Softone mute in use
Softone mute
Softone mute in practice position
Softone in bucket position
Assorted Bass Trombone Mutes
Jo-Ral Harmon Wa-Wa


Nicely made aluminum mute. Rarely used mute, except in a few shows. 329g $80


Bass Trombone Practice Mutes


Best Brass Warm-Up Mute

This new mute is designed by Shinji Hamanaga, the inventor of the Yamaha Silent Brass System.  It is so small that it fits completely inside the bell, allowing you to store it inside when the horn is in the case.  Incredibly lightweight at 75g (60g for bass trombone), you hardly notice it's there.  It plays well throughout the entire range, and is very quite.  Though pricey, it's much more comfortable that a larger mute to use for long periods of practice.

The first photo shows both the tenor and bass trombone Warm-Up mutes.  The second photo shows them in relation to a typical trombone straight mute.

New lower price!

Bremner Ssshhh Practice Mute
Made in New Zealand is this very compact plastic practice mute that looks like a cleaner and cheaper version of the Wallace mute. Black with red trim and cloth bag, it is very soft in volume, very light, only sticks out about an inch beyond the bell rim, so it may fit inside the horn inside some cases. Blows openly and gives good feedback of sound, nice low range, definitely a winner.

This is the new Mark II bass trombone mute.  It fits best in the largest throat bells.  It does not fit tenor trombone.


Wallace Brass

This is the famous blue fiber mute made by Jurgen Voigt ("Foagt") in Germany.  We buy the tenor trombone mute, which fits and plays very well in any bass trombone.  And, like the Best brass, it fits in the bell inside the case for easy travel.  This is a more secure fit than the Bremner in all bass trombone bell sizes, and it's lively, even. and easy to hear, albeit softly. $100