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Parts & Widgets

Leadpipes - Tone Intensifiers - Shank Converters - Buzzing Tools - Shank Repair - Saturn water Key - Trombone Hand Straps
Trombone D Slide - Valve Springs - Pencil Holders - Trombone Hand Rest - Trombone Neck Guard

  See our new listings for small parts such as waterkeys, springs, corks, valve felts

Kanstul Vintage Replica Trombone Leadpipes

Most trombones have a leadpipe soldered inside the upper slide tube.  The leadpipe is simply a brass tube with a double taper that affects tone and response.  One end of the leadpipe fits the shank of the mouthpiece, and the other end expands into the inside diameter of the upper slide tube. The venturi is the throat, or the smallest part of the leadpipe, just beyond the end of the mouthpiece.  For many years, removable leadpipes were only seen on a few custom horns, and they usually pressed in, with a small amount of tape placed under an end ring to keep the fit tight.  Within the past two decades now, several makers have offered sets of 3 removable leadpipes with their trombones, including Kanstul, Shires, Conn, and Getzen.  These pipes usually thread in, though most makers use their own thread size, preventing easy insertion in other instruments.

These trombone leadpipes from Kanstul are threaded to fit into Kanstul 1500 and 1600 series trombones, and most Shires trombones.  As an alternative, most are available unthreaded with a brass end ring.  If you have a different brand of trombone that requires a new leadpipe, we recommend the unthreaded version of the pipe.  The unthreaded pipes will press into Bach, Conn, Getzen, and other horns made for threaded or unthreaded pipes.  Use a small amount of tape around the top of the pipe, just  under the ring, for a tight fit.

These pipes are discontinued and are available in limited quantities only.  All pipes are subject to prior sale. 

Y = available

$95 each

Model Bore


Specs & Vintage

Threaded? Unthreaded?
S .500" .414" Standard tenor trombone pipe, Benge/Nova style, Les Benedict's favorite, similar to Bach LT16M pipe

Little effort needed, pushes beyond edge easily, warm, foggy subtone at very low volumes, a bit narrower bandwidth, can be hot as a ride cymbal when needed, good bite overwhelms warmth at higher volumes, big mellow cottony soft end, compact but good projection on high end, nimble with little effort.

W6 .500" .414" Williams 6 style

Big, velvety, malleable, subtone-ish at low volume, centered but light, big
when loud, moderate effort as you go up high and loud, chippy and thin if
pushed without nuance, open blow

H6 .500" .403" Burt Herrick style, originally made for Williams 6, medium throat

Less core and warmth, compact narrower sound, good point of edge, nimble, brick-like stable and easy high end, hot and big

H16 .500" .407" Burt Herrick style, originally made for Bach 16, medium throat

Little bit of delay, rounded response, some resistance, warm, broad sound, large tone, a bit louder with less brittleness, less centered high range

JW .500" .383" Jiggs Whigham style pipe


2B .500" .393" 2B+ style pipe for 1602, developed for Alan Kaplan

Solid, stable, lots of projection, lively and not dull at all, lots of core,
centers well, full sound, no fuzz, moderate effort up high, some resistance at
louder volumes, more edge than volume, very nimble

AK .500" .405" King style pipe for 1602, developed for Alan Kaplan

Less center than 2B down low and soft, little effort gives good heat at\par
moderate volume, just a little push needed, light center at pp, crisp but less full, will pick up on mic well, easy to hear, easy high range

H8 .508" .422" Burt Herrick style, should fit Shires .508", King 3B, Bach LT16M, Getzen 1050, Yamaha 691 SOLD OUT    
C .562" .498" Minick Commercial Y  
L .562" .493" Minick Legit   Y
OL .562" .501" Minick Open Legit    
H .562" .478" Burt Herrick Commercial Y  
GR .562" .490" George Roberts model, like Conn 70H pipe, tighter throat, fast expansion, shorter length - this pipe works well with the Kanstul GR mouthpiece, which fits in further, so the end of the shank is close to the venturi of the leadpipe.    
GR2 .562" .479" What George currently uses, Burt Herrick design, tighter but more stable than the GR pipe SOLD OUT    
62 .562" .494" Elkhart Conn 62H SOLD OUT    
B .562" .499" Bach 50 Y  
169 .562" .500" Holton 169 style, made for Mike Suter SOLD OUT    


Assorted Trombone Leadpipes

Bach 36 .525" Stock Bach 36 pipe, no ring.  Custom with threaded or unthreaded ring, add $40 $30
Conn .525" Threaded pipe for Conn 88H .525" slide, H or T taper, for small shank mouthpiece $70
Conn .525" Threaded pipe for Conn 88H .525" slide, X taper, for large shank mouthpiece $70
Conn .547" Threaded pipe for Conn 88H .547" slide, M (Marcellus), R (Remington), or S (Standard) taper $70
Conn .562" Threaded pipe for Conn 88H or 62H .562" slide, B, C, or D taper $70
Getzen .500" Threaded pipe for Getzen 3508, small, medium, or large taper $100
Getzen .547" Threaded pipe for Getzen 3047AF, small, medium, or large taper $100
Getzen .562" Threaded pipes for Getzen 1052FD, 1062FD, 3062AF, small, medium, or large taper $100
Stauffer Alto

.470" Threaded pipe for Jin Bao alto trombone, also may fit stencil models such as Selman if they have removable leadpipes.  When combined with your purchase of a Jin Bao alto trombone from The Horn Guys, this pipe has a special price of $75.

Discontinued: Limited quantities available



Assorted Interesting Things

Stauffer Brass D-Slide for Elkhart Conn

This is a slide for the second rotor on a vintage Elkhart Conn 62H or 73H bass trombone, which extends the pitch from E to D.  This is a more manageable modern tuning, and is an easy upgrade for those with an older instrument like this.  While some minor adjustments may be necessary for individual horns, we think this should plug into most any instrument right away without tools.  In lacquer finish.  Made in USA.

Discontinued:  Sold Out

Neotech Trombone Grip

New modular hand grip system that fits most trombones.  Click here to read more and see a video.  Made in USA. $24
Yamaha Trombone Hand Strap

Small faux leather strap hooks around the mouthpiece receiver on your trombone slide, then wraps around the lower cork barrel, and ends in a loop through which you feed your hand.  This helps take much of the weight off your thumb and forefinger.  Does not fit horns with removable leadpipes, like Shires or Kanstul.  Best fit on small bore trombones with narrower slides $12
Kanstul Trombone Thumb Rest

pic coming soon


Small thumb rest similar to the Edwards Bullet brace, fits Kanstul, Conn and Getzen.  Clamps to main brace on bell side of trigger pivot.  Fully adjustable.

Limited availability

K&M Plastic Pencil Holder

Two sizes, for trumpet or tuba, snaps onto your instrument in a discrete location, black nylon.  If you'd like to use this for trombone, it must fit onto the bell side of the tuning slide sleeves.  It is too large for F attachment tubes. $2 each
Saturn Water Key

An ingenious design from UK brass guru, Denis Wedgewood. This nifty water key eliminates the need for cork replacements, spring coil replacement, and ends leaky spit valves. Yes, you will never have to replace a cork again! Encased in a CNC brass casing is a stainless steel ball bearing that gives a 100% seal and gives a seamless gap where your spit valve would normally be. There is nothing to block the exit hole and can be engaged from 360 degrees. It is superior to the Amado: it is the fastest draining water key, it never wears out, and there are no parts that need to be oiled. Also, the threaded pieces allow you to take it apart and clean it if you like. An easy installation by your favorite repairman and you are ready to go! Special installation instructions are available. Please make sure your repairman is aware of the proper installation method.

Note: Saturn water keys are no longer made with a brass outer ring as pictured. The ring is now black-colored nylon.


Yamaha Replacement Euphonium Valve Springs

These Teflon coated, copper valve springs fit most all piston euphoniums from most makers, and smaller tubas, including the Yamaha YBB103.  We use these as retrofit for Weril and Kanstul euphoniums, Yamaha part #GO141070 $3 each
Yamaha Replacement Tuba  Valve Springs

Same as above, larger diameter for tuba pistons, Yamaha part #H1141070 $3 each
DEG Mouthpiece Shank Converters

Tenor to bass trombone shank converter

Tenor trombone to Besson euphonium shank converter

French horn to mellophone (trumpet) shank converter




DEG Mouthpiece Truing Tool

Steel tool with plastic coated handle.  Fits inside most mouthpiece shanks to push out dents from collisions with the floor.  Often works well in tandem with a rawhide mallet to tap out shank dents. $22
DEG Collar Saver

Small clear plastic tube that mounts around the neckpipe of a trombone, to prevent the greening of your neck if there's little lacquer left on your horn.  May also protect a newer neckpipe from lacquer loss, but may need to be removed to wipe off any oils or acids that have snuck under there.  There is a slot along the long axis of the Collar Saver to allow it to slip onto your horn.  Use caution, or the sharp edge of the cut can scratch the instrument.  I recommend wrapping a piece of note paper around the horn first, then sliding the Collar Saver on, then slide the paper out.  Can be cut to length. $3
Kanstul Tone Intensifier Ring for Cornet

These silver plated brass rings fit onto the shank of Bach style cornet mouthpieces, and add weight and breadth to your tone.  Works especially well with lighter horns.  Available for cornet shank only. $24