3704 Foothill Boulevard
LA CRESCENTA, California
4420 East Village Road
LONG BEACH, California
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The Tuba, Euphonium & Cimbasso Menu July 7, 2015

Bold=In Stock

BBb Tubas Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
NEW Jupiter 482L Demo 3495 Y Y   1 day 7/8 size 4V front piston, .709" bore, 15" bell,
demo model, not factory fresh, one minor
bell throat ding from shipping, hard to see,
nice player, includes wheeled case.
582L New 4495 Y Y   1 day Large 4 front piston BBb tuba, 4/4 size,
new and factory fresh
NEW Jupiter 582L Used A- 2895 Y Y   1 day Used, good condition
186 New 7750 N     July Pro model with all nickel trim, bell kranz
  Miraphone 191 New 8795 N   Y 3 days 5/4 rotary 4V
  Miraphone 1291 New 9550 N Y   1 day 5/4 piston 4V
  Miraphone 496 New 9150 N     end of July New Hagen model 5/4 rotary tuba with 4 valves.
5 valve model available 2016
  Miraphone 497 New 16395 N     90 days New 6/4 Hagen model 4V rotary tuba, we think
they will build a 5V version as well, add $700,
by special order
  Miraphone 98B New 16595 N     90 days Siegfried model 5V 6/4 rotary tuba,
by special order
CC Tubas Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
  Alexander 163 New 12295 N Y   1 day 4/4 5V rotary, brass bell
  Gronitz PCK New 15950 N Y   1 day Kaiser 6/4 piston, one of the winningest tubas
on the symphony audition circuit.  Hand made
and very light, in silver plate.  This one has the
tiniest ding in the top bow, not worth fixing,
it's $1000 off our regular price.
  Hirsbrunner HBS392 (HB21) New 16500 N     60 days The Cadillac of tubas, hand made in Switzerland
by Peter Hirsbrunner.  This is the 4/4 large bore
model, 4 piston, 1 rotor, 19-20-20.5mm large bore,
45cm bell, silver plate. 
  HIrsbrunner HBS 290 (HB2) New 16500 N     60 days This is the rotary version of the Hirsbrunner 4/4
tuba, with 5 valves in 19.5mm bore, 45cm bell. 
In silver plate.
  Miraphone 186 New 8995 N   Y 3 days 4/4 rotary 5V, good for any ensemble
  Miraphone 188 New 9295 N Y   1 day large 4/4 rotary yellow brass
  Miraphone 188 GB New 9895 N   Y 3 days large 4/4 rotary gold brass
  Miraphone 291-1 New 10395 N   Y 3 days Bruckner 5/4 rotary lacquer, a best seller
  Miraphone 1291-1 New 10595 N   Y 3 days 5/4 piston lacquer
  Miraphone 1292-1 New 10495 N   Y 1 day New Yorker 5/4 piston lacquer
  Miraphone 1293-1 New 11295 N   Y 1 day New model, similar to 1292, larger 19.7" bell, oversize rotor, 2 leadpipes
  Eb Tubas Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
  Miraphone 283 New 8895 N     60 days Norwegian Star 5V rotary
F Tubas Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
  Cerveny 651 New 4795 Y Y   1 day 5V rotary F tuba, all valves RH, 4/4 size,
second slide trigger, hard case
NEW Gronitz PF125 New 12400 N Y   1 day 5V piston large F tuba, silver plate
  Miraphone 1281 New 9750 N     July Petruschka piston F lacquer
  Miraphone 1281 Used Mint A+ 9200 Y Y   1 day Used mint condition, with new
leather Cronkhite case
  Miraphone 281 New 11050 N     60 days Firebird 6V rotary in gold brass, 5+1
  Miraphone 181 New 9495 N Y Y 1 day New Bel Canto model,
large 5/4 rotary orchestral F tuba,
yellow brass, 6 valves (5+1)
  Miraphone 381 New 10795 N     60 days Bel Canto Solo Model, 6 rotary valves
lighter bell and bottom bow
NEW Miraphone 481 New 8975-
N Y   1 day New Elektra model rotary F tuba with 5 or 6 valves,
either 5+1 or 4+2 setup, yellow or gold brass,
click link for photo, options and pricing, taking
reservations now
Available early July:
gold brass 4+2


New 12259 Y     60 days Renown large piston F tuba in silver plate,
includes hard case, as played by Jim Self
Euphoniums Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
  Alexander 151G-5 New 8736 Y     120 days Tenor tuba, 5 rotary valves, all gold brass, 2 5th valve slides, lacquer w/case.
This is the most beautiful euphonium
you could ever have.
NEW King 2280 Used A 1675 Y Y   1 day Large bore four-on-top non-compensating
model with 3rd slide trigger and long
pull on fourth slide for may tuning options,
11" bell, hard case, nice condition, only
one small dent, a few small points of
  Meinl Weston 551S Used A+ 5395 Y Y   1 day Beautiful 3+1 compensating euphonium
in silver plate with gold trim, absolutely
perfect mint condition
  Miraphone M5050 New 7295 Y     60 days 3+1 comp, large bell, silver plate finish,
options include: tuning trigger, Miraphone case,
gold plate trim.  These can often be had in just
a few days as Miraphone often has them in stock.
  Miraphone 56A New 6395 Y     90 days Rotary Bb tenor tuba, also called Kaiser
baritone, 5 valves, gold brass, lacquer,
includes case.  Bass tbn receiver.
Stauffer Brass Fifth Rotor New TBA       Summer Coming soon: plug-in 5th rotor to fit the
Yamaha 321 euphonium.  It fits on the fourth slide and allows playing the complete chromatic scale down to the pedal range.  Click here for more info.
NEW Yamaha YEP 321S New 2488 Y Y   1 day 4 top piston model, excellent jobbing
horn, does nearly everything, silver plate,
small shank mouthpiece receiver, includes
Yamaha mouthpiece
Yamaha YEP 642IIS New 6257 Y     10 days 3+1 compensating, silver, new Neo model
Yamaha YEP 642IIS Used A- 5459 Y   Y 1 day 3+1 compensating, silver, Neo model,
perfect except scar from small dent in 3rd
valve loop near piston block, does not
affect playing
Cimbasso Model Condition Price Case (Y/N) In La Crescenta In Long Beach Ships in? Notes
  Cerveny F cimbasso New 8995 Y     ? Czech large bore 5V rotary, custom short throw linkages, w/case

Update:  One arrived in May but was damaged.
no ETA on its replacement.

  G&P F Cimbasso New 11295 Y     60 days New model piston cimbasso with tuning trigger, silver plate, with gig bag, custom
made in Italy, formerly called Kalison
  G&P F Cimbasso Used A- 7000 Y Y   1 day Same as above, but lightly used by the
Santa Fe Opera.  Great player, in silver
plate, with Bags of Spain hard case
(with wheels).  5 valves, no tuning trigger,
no peg either.  This model rests on your
lap or the edge of your chair.  As played
by Bill Roper and others.