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The Horn Guys

Wagner Tuben

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Hans Hoyer


Jin Bao / Stauffer


The rarest of brass instruments is the Wagner tuba, which combines elements of the French horn and the tuba.  It was originally designed for Wagner's Ring cycle.  Here's an informative Wiki page about the Wagner tuba.

We offer Wagner tubas custom made in Germany by Alexander, Engelbert Schmid, and Hans Hoyer.  We also have a new one...read on.  Most of these instruments are custom built to order in 90-180 days, but importer B&S USA does try to keep a set of Hans Hoyer Wagner tubas in stock at their Elkhart, Indiana warehouse. If you would like to test them out, we are glad to arrange that. Please call for current pricing and availability.

Traditionally, Wagner tubas have been used in pairs in the orchestra; one pair being pitched in Bb, the other in low F. 

The few Wagner tubas we've represented have been full double models, pitched in Bb and F with a change valve just like a double horn.  Both full double and compensating double Wagner tubas are available.  Prices vary, but you can expect to pay about $10,000 for a German double Wagner tuba, and only a few thousand less for a single in either Bb or F.  It's definitely an investment for the French horn aficionado. 

However, we now carry the Meister Hans Stauffer Wagner tuba, created for us by Jin Bao Musical Instruments in Tianjin, China.  Though the Chinese are not known (yet) for being premier brass instrument makers, this is a good looking and nice playing horn.  It stands in either Bb or F, has a compensating valve system for light weight, and includes a hard case and mouthpiece.  We offer this at a fraction of the price of the German Models: $850.00.  We tune up and play test each instrument to ensure a quality instrument. They are currently in stock at both of our locations.

$10,000 or $850?  We wish there were some middle ground, but this is all we see available in the market place.

A player's comment about the Alexander:

Complete double tuba in Bb/F with four rotary valves, left hand valves, upright bell. This Wagner tuba plays like a dream.  The valves are in a cluster position but that does not increase resistance when blowing through them.  The intonation is excellent, much better than similar models from other makers.   It stands in Bb with a trigger to F for the low concert F-B, but it can be adjusted to stand in F if you prefer.  Includes hard case.


Shipping:  $80 within the US 48, quote elsewhere