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French Horn Cases

Glenn Cronkhite        Marcus Bonna          Protec       Eastman Strings       SKB  

Glenn Cronkhite Cases

Glenn Cronkhite is the master case maker. His new line of cases is hand made in Berkeley, California. Those old Reunion Blues case you are familiar with were Glenn's cases made under license. With the RB factory closed and their new cases made in China, Glenn is out on the market making new improved versions of his classic lightweight cases. Read more on Glenn Cronkhite and Reunion Blues.


Leather - black, dark chocolate brown, cinnamon brown, burgundy, British tan, dark green, red

Fabric - black, red, burgundy, hunter green, bright green, dark blue, brown, tan

Two tone up-charge: zero

French Horn, fixed bell

New "G" style zips open all the way around the bell, so the case can be opened flat like a suitcase. Includes padded wooden bell reinforcement disk, double backpack straps, all leather or cordura with leather trim, gold plated steel hardware. Cordura FRG-C $248, Leather FRG-L $366 3-week ETA


French Horn, fixed bell, old style

We also order the older style from Glenn, which has a slightly smaller profile than the G style, as seen below.  Cordura FRN-C $264, Leather FRN-L $380 3-week ETA


French Horn, removable bell

Smaller pyramid shaped case also zips open wide for easy retrieval of your axe. Very compact case is small enough for carry-on luggage on the airlines. Cordura SFR-C $264, Leather SFR-L $384.


Alto Horn

Fits most bell upright Eb and F alto horns, such as the Conn. Single shoulder strap. Cordura ATH-C $150, Leather ATH-L $210


Cronkhite French Horn Mute Pouch

 Padded black cordura mute bag clips onto your case or gig bag, FM-C $28, also in leather FM-L, $40.



Marcus Bonna French Horn Cases:

These lightweight fiberglass cases from Brazil are pricey, but are indestructible, look classy, and are very compact. Probably the best horn cases in the world, designed and built by French hornist, Marcus Bonna. They are also worthy as carry on luggage for air travel. Available in both cut bell and fixed bell. We carry a large variety of cases. Including the MB-2, MB-5, MB-5ST and the new MB-7 and MB-7 compact. All Marcus Bonna cases are available in various color choices. We try to keep black nylon and assorted colors in stock at all times. Sometimes that works. If you'd like to order a special color, contact us and we will make sure to get one for you with our next delivery.

MB-2 This is the most popular fixed bell French horn case we sell. Includes: 2 backpack straps, shoulder strap, mouthpiece pouch (for 3 mouthpieces) and 1 sheet music bag fixed to the case by velcro.


24x14x17" (61x36x43cm)

8.1 lbs (3.7kg)

Traditional style with velcro external pocket:


New style with zippered external pocket and room for mute:


6.2.15: In stock in black nylon, traditional style and new style


MB-5 One of our most popular detachable bell horn case. Has place for 2 mutes (mutes are not included). Includes: 2 backpack straps, mouthpiece pouch (for 3 mouthpieces).  Case is constructed from rigid fiberglass with a plush interior. Custom foam pads are included to custom fit the inside of the case to your specific make and model French horn. What can we say... awesome.

24x15x8" (61x38x20cm)

7.0 lbs (3.2kg)




6.2.15: In stock in:

  • black & red nylon
  • black & blue nylon
  • black & wine nylon




Our most popular detachable bell French horn case. Will hold a mute (mute is not included). Includes: 2 backpack straps, mouthpiece pouch (for 3 mouthpieces). The case is made of rigid fiberglass, offering lightweight and sturdy protection for your instrument. The interior is customizable to fit any make French horn. These cases are small and lightweight, perfect for the gigging hornist. Pictured with our Engelbert Schmid custom ES-1 double French horn, not included with the case, sorry :)

22x17x9" (61x36x20cm)

7.0 lbs (3.2kg)




6.2.15: In stock in:

  • black nylon
  • XL model for Geyer, black nylon
MB-8 New screw bell horn case is more briefcase shaped, and the bell sits next to the body, rather than on top, so they can never touch, ever.


24x17x8" (61x43x20cm)

8.4 lbs (3.8kg)



6.2.15: Our next shipment is July, reserve yours now.

Soft Top This new lightweight case has a fiberglass shell on the back of the case, but the front is a padded nylon.  The bell fits into a fiberglass cone encased in a nylon cover.  This zips to the front of the case and is easily removed for compact travel.  This is several inches smaller than an MB5 in each dimension, and its takapartability allows it to fit under most any airline seat.  Click links for pics. $345

6.2.15: In stock in:

black nylon

2 Horn Case

New from Marcus Bonna is 2 horn case. This tank will fit two full size cut bell French horns. Yes, two horns, you heard me correctly. I can see you are puzzled... why you ask, a 2 horn case?  Why not, carrying two horns on the gig can be fun. And a cool feature on this case is its ability to come apart in the middle, making this nifty contraption into 2 single French horn cases. You have some options with this one. Available by special order.


nylon- $670


6.2.15: Our next shipment is July, reserve yours now.


    Click a picture for a up close view of some custom colors.



Standard screw bell PB316SB case

Very nice hard case, somewhat bulky compared to other screw bell cases, but the case separates the body from the bell very nicely, offering better protection than most.  Space for two mouthpieces molded into the case.  Very reliable for traveling. Extra deep interior for the body to fit any style wrap. By special order. $179


Here's a video comparing the two Protec screw bell horn cases.

Ipac screw bell IP316SB case

Much smaller case than the above model, this is similar to B&S and Atkinson cases, little room for storage, and a tight fit for larger horns, but it's an easy case to travel with due to its small size.  $250

Standard fixed bell PB316CT case

Well padded case for Kruspe or Geyer style fixed bell horns, plywood frame with foam padding, velour interior, single shoulder strap, nylon exterior with outside pocket and zipper closures.    Slightly bulkier than an SKB hard case, but this looks to give better protection.  $179  Optional backpack strap kit available at $18, shown in photo at right.


Eastman Strings

Colorful hard cases made by Eastman Strings in China. A nice inexpensive case for the trendy hornist. Great for around town work and light travel. Will fit most horns (Conn 8D's will fit). Not airplane recommended. Colors available: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, White, Green, Pink, Purple. We're planning to stock gloss silver, blue, and purple.  Others can be had in a few days if in stock at Eastman.

part number: CAFH- $185



This is a molded plastic hard case for fixed bell double horn, similar to the stock case included with the Conn 8D.  Made in China, distributed through SKB in Orange, California.  It's a tough case, and while it's not completely indestructible, it's reasonably priced, and it has a lifetime guarantee.  That means if it's ever damaged or is coming apart, SKB will replace it for free, no questions asked. $145