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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I order an item?

A: Our mail order department is open Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm Pacific time, and Saturdays 11am-3pm.  Feel free to give phone us to place an order; our number is (818) 248-7550. You can also send us an email  stating your order and we will confirm as quickly as we can. You can also fax your order to (818) 248-7548

Q: Are you open on the weekends?

A: Both our La Crescenta and Long Beach locations are open 11am-3pm on Saturdays.

Q: How can I pay for my items?

A: We accept all major credit cards at The Horn Guys: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We can also accept payment from Paypal.com, bank wire transfers, money orders and cashiers checks. If you decide to send a check we will hold the items until payment has cleared our bank.

Q: What information do you need from me to process my order?

A: To process an order we need from you: your billing address, your shipping address (if different from your billing address), your telephone number, your email address, a credit card number, expiration date and 3 digit security code (the last 3 numbers on the back of the card in the signature box). If you want to reserve or order an item we need this information.

Q: How much will domestic shipping cost?

A: That depends on what you are purchasing and where you are located. Remember, our freight costs include packing materials, box prices and labor to securely package your items by hand. Also, with the high cost of gasoline these days our shipping carriers are charging more for standard shipping. For small items such as single mouthpieces and such under one pound we can ship via the USPS priority mail, this costs $8 and will be delivered in 2-3 business days. We base our shipping off of a $2 handling charge. One of us takes the time to properly pack your goods.

For items over one pound, i.e. trombone stands, cases, mutes, etc we ship via UPS ground. This usually costs around $10-20 and transit time is approximately 5 business days. Instruments cost significantly more, as they take more packing materials and more time to prepare. Typically, trumpets cost between $20-$40, French horns $50-$70, trombones $40-$60 and tubas around $200-250. Faster shipping is available by request, but expect to pay 2-4 times the amount of UPS ground. Shipping tubas can be complicated and expensive; see the following Tuba FAQ section for more information.

Q: Do you ship internationally? If so, how much is shipping?

A: Yes. We do ship internationally. Shipping charges can be expensive depending on what country in which you live. International shipping also is affected by box sizes. If you order sheet music or small accessories such as leadpipes, mouthpieces etc, shipping will be around $25. Larger boxes such as trombones, French horns and tubas and cases can cost between $100-$500. We usually ship via the United States Postal Express mail for international items. Sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks for delivery, but usually around 4-6 business days. The USPS does not offer tracking services on global priority packages. We don't know what you will be charged for customs and duty, please contact your local customs office.

Some countries, notably Australia and Singapore, have size restrictions on boxes. For larger items that will not fit in a 79" box  (10x10x39", 40x40x100cm) like French horns and trombones, we have to ship with a private carrier such as DBSchenker. This usually ends up costing around $200-$300 for door to door service. It can be less expensive if you are willing to pick up your box at your local airport, or have us mail it to a commercial address. The nice thing about DBSchenker is that they will broker your items through customs for you. If you live in Australia or Singapore keep this in mind.

Q: Will you declare a lower customs value on international items?

A: Sorry, we will not quote a lower customs value on international items. We are not trying to be mean, this is the way international business is done. Please do not expect us to declare an untrue value on international orders, that is called mail fraud. Expect this customs charge and plan accordingly when buying.

Q: Do you take returns?

A: Yes we take returns, but they must be made according to our return policy, which is: Instruments have a one week trial period, meaning you have 7 days from the time when you receive the instrument to make a decision on keeping it or not. That means after 7 days we consider the instrument sold, and after that it is your responsibility to sell the instrument. For example, if you receive a French horn from us on August 2nd you must contact us by August 9th to make a return. On August 10th the instrument is yours. To avoid any issues, give us a call or drop us an email as soon as you want to make a return.

Q: How do I make a return?

A: If you wish to return a horn you must notify us by phone or email. It is your responsibility to properly pack the instrument, insure it and safely ship the instrument back to us at your expense. Shipping is non refundable, meaning you are responsible for shipping both ways. Trying out many instruments will be expensive, keep this in mind. That means if you try and return a tuba, you will be responsible for $300-$500 of shipping charges. We  charge a 3% restocking fee on returned instruments.  We will credit this amount on your next instrument purchase, so if you take your business to The Horn Guys, you won't lose.

Q: What is a restocking fee and why does it exist?

A: A restocking fee is levied on returned merchandise by many retail institutions. We charge this due to bank fees, and labor costs.  We rarely get returns, as we try to match you with the perfect instrument the first time. We want you to be happy with your purchase and we want you to have a horn that you enjoy playing. If you decide to return an instrument, but later decide to buy another from us, we are glad to credit your original restocking fee towards any new horn purchase from us. 

Q: Do you have used instruments?

A: Very few, as we have limited space in our shop to display and store used instruments. Selection is usually limited to the best new professional brass winds from all over the world. However, on occasion we will stock a used horn on consignment if we feel it is a great instrument. In order to keep our standards high we pick only the best.

Q: Do you offer consignment services?

A: Yes, we take consignment instruments on a case by case basis. Give us a call and we can offer some advice. Our consignment fee is 15-20% of the final sale of the instrument. We will send you a check once the transaction is complete.

Q: Will you take a trade of my old horn towards one of your new horns?

A: Not usually, but we might take the horn on consignment for you. Give us a call and ask.

Q: Do you do repairs?

A: Yes.

Q: What instruments do you have in stock?

A: We maintain and regularly update our Daily Menu pages. You can see exactly what we have in stock from day to day. We have other instruments listed on our website to show you what is available and we can order just about anything. Keep in mind that special orders take time.

We choose our stock of the highest quality brass instruments from makers across the world. Most of these instruments are either handpicked by our staff or ordered to the most popular specifications.

Q: How long will a custom horn or special order take to receive?

A: The old joke goes that if it's custom, you can't ask how much or how long.  Please don't shoot the messenger if your instrument was not delivered when we originally expected it. This is out of our control and up to the manufacturer when we receive instruments. Custom instruments are built for you, so plan on waiting. If you have an upcoming performance we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver the instrument to you on time. However; we will do everything in our power to meet your needs. Order your instrument with this in mind and plan ahead. Some instrument orders can take up to 6 months. Custom order horns are non returnable.

Q: How much will it cost to ship a tuba?

A: Budget $200-$250 in shipping charges within the US lower 48 states.

Q: Do the tubas come with cases?

A: Not usually unless stated on our website.

Q: I want to order a Glenn Cronkhite case for my tuba, but what do I do if my horn is not listed on your list of cases?

A: Never fear, Glenn will be happy to make you a case to fit your horn exactly. Fill out the "Tuba Sizing Form" and fax it to us at (818) 248-7548. Glenn will check to see if your tuba will fit in a pattern that he already has. If he does, your case will be ready in about 3 weeks. If you aren't sure which case to order, send a sizing form for safety. Glen is not offering custom sized tuba cases right now, but one if his stock sizes (there are almost 50) will be close.  These cases are the best in the world and are handmade by a few really talented craftsmen. They are not mass produced and take time to construct. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait. If you need the case by a certain date, plan ahead and allow ample time for delivery.

Q: How long does it take to get my tuba?

A: Expect up to 1-2 weeks from when your payment has cleared. If you send a check, you will have to wait until that check has cleared our bank. After that we polish and tune up the horn, securely pack it and call for a transit pickup. We ship most tubas within 1-3 days.