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Euphonium Mouthpieces

Euphoniums use some variation of a trombone mouthpiece, often with a deeper cup. Euphonium mouthpiece receivers can be small tenor trombone size, large symphonic tenor and bass trombone size, or an unusual in-between size found on some Besson instruments. We have mouthpieces in stock in all three shank sizes, found on the Trombone Mouthpieces page. Younger players or those using smaller instruments might start by trying something like a Bach 6.5AL. Players used to larger equipment should look at the Schilke 51D, Bach 4G or 5G, the fine line of Denis Wick mouthpieces, with special euphonium models as part of the Stephen Mead line.  We have many of those in stock, some in the elusive medium shank. Tuba players who need a very large mouthpiece for euphonium doubling can use a bass trombone mouthpiece, or a new Yamaha Roger Bobo Tenor Tuba mouthpiece, found on the Tuba Mouthpieces page.